Autheos talks with Stage Content about the 2020 marketing trend for ‘consumer obsessed’ Brands

The Next Big Thing in 2020: 1×1 consumer storytelling

This article has been translated to English. It was originally published in the January print edition of What’s Next, produced by Stage Content. Stage content is a creative bureau specialized in narrative marketing to propagate a substantive content strategy.


It’s clear that mature Brands can learn a lot from innovation entrepreneurs. What are the technology trends and developments in 2020 that you should not miss? We reached out to innovators in their respective fields to share their perspectives.

Christina – Autheos

“One of the most important marketing trends for 2020 is personalized communication, and Autheos helps its clients take a ‘consumer obsessed’ approach by bringing a more conversational, 1×1 experience to their onsite video strategy.

Companies are investing increasingly on video marketing each year to showcase their products in an inspiring and convincing way. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, we can ensure their video marketing budgets are allocated for impact. Our technology applies proprietary custom measures to analyze customer engagement with, and optimize the impact of, their video marketing campaigns deep in the consumer funnel (where it matters most).

This can be done in a simplistic, approachable way – for example, by ensuring that the content on the website is relevant at the right time in the consumer journey. Our starting point with clients will always be a benchmark setting exercise in terms of measurements and strategy. We often discover clients are making simple mistakes like placing videos on pages of the consumer website that just don’t make sense – Autheos sees that in the client data we collect. We clean up the low hanging fruit and, get more sophisticated from there.’

Can you give us an example of what you mean?

‘Sure. A recent analysis for a French-based client yielded a clear learning – that detailed five-minute video on how to clean a coffee machine? It doesn’t perform well on the product page; 30% of viewers drop off in the first 10% time segment. It’s better suited for the support page than the product page. It’s not a surprising discovery, when you think about it, but countless Brands make this mistake, lacking the tools and the time to tailor experiences in this way. Since our tech handles this automatically, we are able to not only improve the customer experience onsite but also bring operational efficiency to the marketing teams. This is the magic bullet for most of our clients.’

Also a handy Autheos tool for their more advanced clients: adjusting video content to the interests and lifestyle of campaign audiences marketed to on social media. Christina continues:

‘Visual marketing onsite that reflects the product in his or her own life helps the consumer to connect better with the product and the Brand. Many Brands are starting to toy with precision advertising campaigns on Facebook and YouTube, with great ROI in the form of CTRs. But they shouldn’t stop there!

By extending that precision marketing onto the consumer site, Brands can further amplify and attribute the ROI of these resonant ads campaigns, holding the consumer’s attention for longer and generating loyalty in the long-run.’

Christina ex-CEO of Autheos, a tech platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize the video experience of users. Christina was recently named one of the 50 most inspiring women in tech by Inspiring Fifty. She is regularly asked to speak at international conferences about, among other things, socially responsible AI, marketing innovation, media personalization, and video intelligence.