Six-fold checkout boost for Philips’ espresso machine line with Autheos


Autheos created a unique AI video marketing platform, delivered exponential ecommerce growth for global brands, and developed new consumer acquisition strategies.

The power of marketing has long been a driver of success for global brands. More than a century ago, however, an American businessman summed up a key challenge that has since confounded countless enterprises: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted,” said John Wanamaker. “The trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

Fast forward to the digital age, and an Amsterdam-based company is using artificial intelligence to crack Wanamaker’s challenge. The Autheos video marketing platform deploys machine learning algorithms that help giants such as Philips to execute personalized, real-time internet marketing, so none of their precious advertising dollars are wasted.

Boosted conversion rate by 579% for Philips products.

Re-imagining brand marketing strategy with AI

Three years ago, Autheos offered a content management platform that helped corporations publish videos on e-commerce product pages. It was a practical tool for expert deployment of content for all situations.

To build the future, Autheos’ CEO Christina Caljé and her team developed a bigger idea: what if Autheos could develop predictive modeling to navigate the user’s consumer journey and launch the most impactful video at exactly the right moment for each viewer?

The outcome was a unique AI-driven video marketing platform that is re-imagining brand marketing strategies today. The solution goes beyond intelligent video delivery. It provides learnings from each deployment to inform future content creation strategies, bringing new approaches to Wanamaker’s 19th-century conundrum.

Today, Autheos to explores 100 billion data points per month as it develops new precision-marketing features for its platform.

Autheos explores 100 billion data points per month

Innovative solutions for global giants

After validating its big idea, Autheos went on to help clients achieve concrete results. One such client was Philips. The global giant is behind groundbreaking innovations in biotech and sustainability solutions. Yet, it had been using a video marketing tool on its consumer website that allowed it to do little more than determine whether a user clicked play.

Since tapping into Autheos to elevate its video strategy toward the consumer, Philips received a 360-degree view of user engagement and the ability to satisfy consumer desires with individualized content. The result? Exponential growth in e-commerce conversion rates, with a nearly six-fold checkout boost for Philips’ espresso machine line on its Dutch website.

“We gave Philips insights on customer journeys through video interaction, which we gathered through our proprietary algorithms,” says Christina. “The level of depth that we could obtain blew their minds.”

““Incorporating the insights from Autheos technology into our content creation process will allow us to more effectively allocate our marketing resources and make sure that our messages not only reach, but more importantly, resonate with their intended audiences.””

— Patrick van Straalen, Head of Digital for Philips Coffee

The power of the platform

Philips has created their success by utilising the full power of the Autheos platform.

They used Autheos’ advanced video DAM to easily store, organize and tag their videos, and distribute them to the Philips product pages. Through the application of AI techniques we were able to identify patterns and predict successful behaviours of Philips’ customers. Using that performance feedback to empower a personalized video experience for their consumers, they were able to increase their conversion rate by 579% and improve their marketing ROI.