Prénatal makes data-driven decisions about product videos with Autheos

Prénatal was launched in France in 1947, and opened its first Italian store in Milan in 1963. Having provided a trusted service for over fifty years, Prénatal is now the brand of choice for all mums.

In addition to an extensive selection of the world’s top childcare product brands, Prénatal also offers a wide range of dedicated specialized clothing for new mums and clothes for newborns and children: all these exclusive creations are sold under the Prénatal brand.

Helping customers with video

As a key player in the childcare industry and working with big baby brands, Prénatal is laser-focused when it comes to delivering the best possible experience offline and online to their clients.

At the very core of all its goals, Prénatal wants to ensure a smooth and enjoyable online shopping experience to customers. In the past several years, the company has been trying to make clients feel as confident as possible when browsing their online store and has provided them with detailed information about the products through various content segments, including videos.

Prénatal deployed a data-driven approach when it comes to decision-making in regards to video on their website. In their case, this meant figuring out how video contributes to the user journey and overall shopping experience. One of their intentions was to find out how that would work for them, practically and financially, when using other brands’ content.

They chose Autheos to help them collect and analyze this information. Making decisions as to which product categories should play which videos is an important part in the decision-making process. That all ties in with understanding what commercial effect there is and what is its impact.

ROI, conversions and the best experience possible

Prénatal works with major baby brands that produce their own video content and later supply their resellers with in order to publish on product-related pages. What the team at Prénatal wanted to figure out is if and how much video improves the customer journey when shoppers make buying decisions.

Naturally, this is where elements like ROI need to be considered given the amount of work and resources implementing video on all product pages will require. Daniel Dunk, eCommerce Manager at Prénatal goes into more detail:

That’s the whole deal with a limited marketing budget, there’s a lot of different ways to approach the customer and spend that marketing budget, and you have to find the one that delivers the best return on investment.”

He goes on to explain that being so conversion-driven all the time as a brand is not always the best practice either:

Making data-driven decisions to optimize user journey

Having set out to determine how much impact video has on the experience of online shoppers and their buying behavior, Prénatal decided to use the Autheos platform to do exactly that.

At first, they started off by using Autheos as their go-to platform to source and host their products videos on but, their sole intent from the beginning has been to collect and investigate video data.

Of course, better user experience and adding value for each individual customer results in increased conversion rates, too – that’s one way to know that you’ve successfully satisfied a need of the customer. Christina Calje, CEO of Autheos, explains further the method of analysis.

“To do this, Autheos analyzed video interaction and conversion data on an individual session basis that were aggregated and anonymized. From there, audience cohorts were set up based on specific behavioral traits related to site navigation and video interaction data.

Overlaying (add-to-cart) conversion data added a valuable layer that allowed us to deliver insights into which actions are highly correlated with conversion. From there, our analysis focus shifted onto the conversion differential between audiences performing those actions vs. those that did not perform those actions.

We were able to deliver very concrete insights into where video interaction, in particular, had the most (and least) effect. These quantifiable measures allowed us to build, with Daniel, a strong internal business case on the importance of video in their consumers’ decision-making process”.

Those results were observed early on by the Prénatal team.

““When we really saw that adding a video adds conversion for us, we knew integrating video via Autheos would be of value.” ”
— Daniel Dunk, eCommerce Manager at Prénatal

What comes up next is Phase 2 of the Autheos algorithm – analysis. Mainly, applying AI techniques on your site to identify patterns and predict successful behaviors. What Autheos did at this point was help Prénatal quantify the impact of video on conversion on their website.

The Autheos team looked at the whole process on a category basis – trying to quantify in terms of additional sales value that can be attributed to video being watched by their visitors. Once they would have the complete data overview, the team at Prénatal can make sound decisions backed by data as to whether sourcing videos from other brands on their website is beneficial in terms of ROI but most importantly, whether it adds real value for the end customer.

Autheos has been involved in the process since step 1 and has proven itself to be an indispensable particle within the larger picture. Gaining such crucial yet often overlooked data has empowered brands like Prénatal to embark on a more analytical journey that results in more conversions, better user experience, and happier customers worldwide.