Autheos key speaker points from Digital Marketing World Forum 2019

Autheos spoke at the Digital Marketing World forum on 25-26 November, with the 2019 theme of ‘Exploring the future of Digital Marketing Technologies’.

The Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF) has a 10+ year history of bringing together the worldwide digital marketing community to tackle the challenges that the digital future presents. With a special focus on Europe region, the DMWF crafted two days of top-level strategic content and digital marketing insights, networking, and discussion from leading global brands.

The 2019 DMWF Europe conference explored the latest trends & strategies within Digital Marketing, covering Digital Marketing Technologies, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Influencer Marketing, UX, CX, eCommerce, Content Marketing, Data, Analytics, and Mobile, as essential topics for digital marketeers to educate themselves upon.

Christina was invited to share her expertise across two key conference themes: Digital Experience and E-commerce strategy and Influencer and Social Media Marketing.

During her talks, she touched upon how the latest data-driven technologies can help to support customer loyalty with targeting & personalization, as well as how to effectively build meaningful customer relationships on social media in 2020, based on authenticity.



Both panels were extremely popular – standing room only – and feedback was strong on the insights shared. We’ve asked her to summarize the key trends for 2020 that she touched upon during her talks, and share them below.

Recurring themes were simple, but on point:

– Build trust – Create 1×1 connections

– Know your customers and where to find them

– Take risks (try new / niche platforms to connect with micro-audiences)

– Be focused and purposeful with the consumer data you collect