Autheos interviewed by Stephen Ibaraki, Founder AI for Good

On 2 December, Christina had the pleasure of having a conversation with Stephen Ibaraki, Founder of AI for Good, renowned technology futurist, and Chairman of REDDS Capital. This video interview was conducted remotely via videoconference, with Stephen in Toronto and Christina in Amsterdam.

Stephen and Christina met while providing their expertise on the timely and complex topic of Accountability of AI, at The Hague Summit for Accountability in the Digital Age in early November.


Following their panel at the Hague Summit, Stephen invited Christina to take part in his exclusive interview series with leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs that are advancing computing as a science and a profession. His interviews are published across multiple professional associations, as well as referenced in his regular keynotes and in Forbes, IT World articles related to themes discussed in these interviews.

During her interview, Christina discusses how her upbringing in New York City shaped her career decisions and motivated her to evolve Autheos into a tool for social inclusivity through the use of AI. She also shares her insights around the topic of accountability in AI systems and where she sees the biggest opportunity to close the current accountability gap.

We have edited the interview into segments, based on question theme: