Autheos speaks at CommerceLive, on ‘Product Content 2.0’

On 23 March, Autheos had the pleasure of speaking at CommerceLive, a virtual event co-organized by Profitero, Bobsled and Pacvue.

Kudos to the great initiative shown by Profitero in quickly adjusting to the ‘new normal’ working situation, co-organizing this virtual conference to discuss the latest, greatest insights and best practices for eCommerce and omnichannel retail….without any travel hassle.

Contributing experts included eCommerce and marketing executives from companies like Clif Bar, E.L.F Cosmetics, General Mills, Publicis, Johnson & Johnson and WPP.

Autheos joined her UK and US based panelists via videoconference to discuss how new technologies are driving the next wave of intelligent, effective product experiences.

Since the emergence of digital commerce decades ago, brands have been investing to convert their static physical packages into static digital assets — and often finding it more arduous and less effective than anticipated. In this presentation, you will learn about new technologies like 5G, AR/VR/XR and AI that are opening new frontiers for generating high-impact, dynamic, interactive product content — with greater efficiency than ever before.

To watch the video interview in its entirety, you can find the full presentation on the Profitero website.Au