Brabantia improves process efficiencies by 90% with Autheos


Brabantia is a well-known retailer for home products, designing products “for the way you live and love today”. Their company history started in the Netherlands over 100 years ago in 1919, but has grown over the years and now dominates markets around the globe in Europe, USA and Asia.

Once the Brabantia marketing team decided to go all in on video marketing, Autheos was the ‘one stop shop’ that reduced time spent on content management by 90%! Freeing up the time normally spent on manual tasks, they could shift focus from operational to more strategic goals that improve the consumer experience online.

We made sure to get the origins story of their e-commerce video beginnings and talk more with Eric van der Palen, Senior Marketeer at Brabantia, about the way they’ve used the Autheos platform to help with their goals.

Achieving a streamlined video upload process

Brabantia’s focus has shifted over the years from primarily brick and mortar to a more balanced approach that includes e-commerce through third party resellers as well as direct to consumer. The value derived from Autheos increased as they shifted more towards a digital marketing strategy.

““The company needs to publish video in several different languages for each product featured on its international websites and those of its resellers.””

— Excerpt from Google Case Study about Autheos

With this shift, Eric experienced the reality of digital content management – it’s a lot of work and organization is crucial for a smooth workflow and optimized performance. When you throw into the mix a variety of markets that need to be served online with content in local languages, the workload increases, complicating the process even further.

Around the time Brabantia’s marketing team was feeling these ‘growing pains’, Eric was introduced to Autheos by one of its resellers,, who uses Autheos to source their product videos from Brand suppliers like Brabantia. It turns out, many of Brabantia’s resellers in the Netherlands were also using Autheos to source and publish their supplier videos.

“Autheos is a one-stop shop for our marketing team, and has brought huge efficiencies to our process; a single upload and video now shows up instantly, everywhere it should,” says Eric van der Palen, Senior Online Marketeer at Brabantia. “With our relaunched consumer site, we’ve been able to create a slick and engaging video experience for the consumer, which is great!”

““Integrating with Autheos had immediate effect in terms of time savings for the Brabantia team. As an example, it reduced the time required to upload videos in multiple languages, for 50 products, by 90%: from nearly one hour per video to five minutes.”

— Eric can der Palen

Front end view of Brabantia Video DAM on Autheos platform

Manage, store and organize all content in one place

This is where Phase 0 of the Autheos platform comes into play – with our advanced video DAM, the Brabantia team managed to store, organize and publish videos a lot easier and much faster. Syncing up with an existing proprietary PIM is just another perk of this particular phase to make everyone’s life easier and benefit from, including other parties (like resellers) using your content to sell. In the case of Brabantia and that was a game-changing element.

Storing and organizing their gradually increasing video content was the first step Brabantia took to become an online powerhouse.

“Uploading a video once, for all customers, including on your website that looks right is much easier than sharing videos with resellers, asking them to place the content in the right position on the right page…The maintenance part of this process has really helped us a lot and has offered us the possibility to maintain our video library [with Autheos].”

Doing this manually would mean spending an unreasonable amount of time to send emails back and forth with content to resellers, monitor when content was online, check if the content would be correct, and if not, ask them to remove content. These tasks are all now taken care of with the press of a button.

Pushing videos online became easier than ever before

Even nowadays, dealing with video uploads can be one of the most annoying and time-consuming tasks that marketers have to deal with, regardless of which platform(s) the content will live on.

Having to optimize those later on and choosing which ones to be shown to whom manually, with the sole purpose of personalizing the user journey with the goal of conversion can be a pure nightmare when you have thousands of products and hundreds of videos on tens of websites with different languages.

During Phase 1, as an Autheos user, the platform is able to push your videos to the right places. Two lines of Javascript dynamically integrate video content from the video DAM onto your consumer sites (simultaneous to reseller sites), globally. Experiencing this shift in their workflow has enabled the Brabantia marketing teams to let technology work its magic while they focus on more video production and other promotional aspects of using product videos.

The real impact

Brabantia using Autheos is an excellent example of how life-changing organizing, storing and pushing content to various platforms in a consistent matter can be for a retail company. Being successful with e-commerce content starts with the right plan and the resources to maintain and organize this content in a way that will make the workflow more efficient (90% more, in Brabantia’s case). Publishing to all necessary outlets with precise consistency is a foundational piece of digital marketing strategy that can make or break one’s digital marketing strategy.

Go ahead and make it easy on yourselves. Get started with Autheos!